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 +===== Upgrading to PediTree =====
 +Why should you move to //PediTree// when you are used to //Pedigree for DOS//?
 +Only PediTree is still being developed, while //Pedigree for DOS// is not.  Moreover, it has limitations when running under the new 64-bit Windows versions.
 +//PediTree// can use any database that was previously created or used in //Pedigree for DOS//. So,
 +if you wish to start using //PediTree//, you can use your existing database(s) without change.
 +However, to gain full advantage from //PediTree//, you will need to have additional elements in the
 +database definition.  These are present in any database derived from the Elton55 design.
 +If your existing Pedigree database was derived from the //Families// or //Census// design, then you can easily move
 +to one derived from //Elton55//. Export a GEDCOM 4 file from your existing database. Then open
 +the //Elton55// database and make a new (empty) database from it. Finally, import the GEDCOM file.  See the section
 +on [[faq:GEDCOM|GEDCOM]] for more information on this process.
 +You may also want to study this list of [[faq:peditree_advantages|the advantages of PediTree]].
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