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 ==== Our mailing list – PUG-L ==== ==== Our mailing list – PUG-L ====
-If you receive emails with [PUG-L] in the subject line then you have at some time joined our mailing list. In this case, you do have an associated email address and password (but no user name) which enables you to send messages to the list and allows you to change your subscription details, including your email addressTo join the list for the first time, start here: \\ +//In January 2021 we moved PUG-L to the service.// **For up-to-date details see** [[pug-l:start|PUG-L]]
-You receive a reminder on the first of each month for this list. This also tells you how to use the list and make changes. (The Membership Secretary can make the changes for you if you get stuck.)+If you receive emails with [PUG-L] in the subject line then you have at some time joined our mailing list.
 ==== PUGweb Members' Area ==== ==== PUGweb Members' Area ====
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