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 +====== Here is a Five point Five minute guide ======
 +===== Quick navigation guide =====
 +==== At the top of each page ====
 +  * On the left - the page name - clicking on this gives a list of all the wiki pages that have a link **to** this page.
 +  * On the right - "​PUGwiki"​ serves as a link back to the start page.
 +==== Top button bar ====
 +  * Edit this page (becomes 'Show page' when in edit mode)
 +  * Old revisions - shows a list of revision history snapshots for this page and allows you to compare any two
 +  * Recent changes - shows the last change dates for the pages in the current namespace (but on the start page it shows the list for the whole wiki)
 +  * Search - does what is says on the button
 +==== Breadcrumb trail ====
 +This shows your browsing history (with duplicates weeded out). It does NOT show the hierarchic position of the current page.
 +==== Table of Contents ====
 +This is automatically generated for the top three levels of headings of every page that had at least two levels of headings.
 +==== Edit buttons on the right====
 +These make it easy to edit a section of a long page. There is a button for each of the top two heading levels. The button to edit a section is on the right at the foot of the section.
 +==== Bottom button bar ====
 +  * Edit this page (becomes 'Show page' when in edit mode)
 +  * Old revisions - shows a list of revisions history snapshots for this page and allows you to compare any two
 +  * Manage Subscriptions - allows you to be notified by email of changes to a page or within a namespace
 +  * Update profile - allows you to edit your personal details & settings
 +  * Logout - like it says!
 +  * Sitemap - takes you to a hierarchic view of the whole wiki
 +  * Back to top - nips up to the top of the current page   
 +===== Simple text edits =====
 +Open up the editor using the 'Edit this page' buttton.
 +You'll see that the wiki does not use a WYSIWYG editor,
 +instead you work with its text markup system.
 +For simple text, just type!
 +  * pressing enter **twice** will break a paragraph
 +  * highlight a piece of text and then make it **bold** or //italic// with the buttons at the top of the editor panel
 +  * there are button to give headings at five levels
 +When finished, you can preview the changed page. Only when you click the '​Save'​ button are your changes committed permanently so others can see them.
 +If you change your mind about the changes you made, the '​Cancel'​ button will discard your changes and release the lock on the page (so others can edit it).
 +===== Create a new page =====
 +  - Edit an existing page and insert %%[[newpagename]]%% - [[newpagename]]
 +  - Save that page and click on the link you just created - you will be told the page does not exist and invited to create it.
 +Note this is the reverse of normal web site building logic where one would expect to create a page before creating a reference to it!
 +===== Creating links =====
 +==== Internal ====
 +Links to other VViki pages can be made using the '​Internal Link' button which will automatically create a link to the page you select with its top header as the text - e.g. %%[[playground:​playground|PlayGround]]%% - [[playground:​playground|PlayGround]]
 +==== External ====
 +If you just paste a URL (the whole thing including the initial %%http://​%%) into the text, it will automatically be made into a link  - http://​​
 +Alternatively,​ use the '​External Link' button on the editor and put your URL and display text into the skeleton inserted by the button - %%[[http://​|External Link]]%% - like this - %%[[http://​|OFHS web site]]%% - giving the result [[http://​|OFHS web site]] ​
 +==== Email ====
 +This is really easy, just enclose the email address between < and > - %%<​>​%% - <​>​
 +===== Upload a file =====
 +  - edit the page on which you want the upload to appear
 +  - click the 'Add Images and other files' button
 +  - select the file using the '​choose'​ button
 +  - then use the '​upload'​ button so the file appears in the list of files
 +  - click on the file you uploaded to exit the upload manager and place a reference to it in the page you are editing ​