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Sending a Database by email

A common question is how one can send a database by email. The answer is to compress it into a single archive file and send that, using a facility built in to Windows.

Using Windows Explorer, locate the database folder, then right-click and choose Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder as shown here. Zipping a Database (Click on the Image to enlarge it.)

The result is a single file, in this case called, which is about 13% of the size of the folder contents. This preserves the structure of the whole folder, including the dates of the files, which can be vital when exploring a corruption.

Attach this ZIP-file to your email. An easy way to do this is to right-click on the compressed file and choose Send to > mail recipient. This will open up an new email with the file attached, ready for you to address and complete it.

On receipt of this file, a right-click will offer a way of opening it, so that the original contents can be copied to wherever it is wanted.

The same compression technique can be used when sending other files, especially GEDCOM files.

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