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Pedigree Software Family History Genealogy System

History of PediTree

Pedigree Software first developed the personal Genealogy Program Pedigree in 1987 for MSDOS and 360Kb floppy disks. click for larger image With this program, Pedigree Software led the way in providing for Source citations, with more specfic Source material, such as Censuses, than even the latest GEDCOM standard encourages. It also introduced a special language to determine how information is displayed on the screen or in printed output. The latest version of this program (2.6N) is still in use and can be run under modern versions of Windows.

To start taking advantage of the introduction of Windows on personal computers, first PediView was released for Windows 3.1. It was developed to provide many of the features of Pedigree; in fact, most of the images on this site were produced by a version of PediView. Subsequently, the advent of 32-bit versions of Windows with Windows 95 prompted the introduction of PediTree and the obsolescence of PediView.

All these programs use the same compact and flexible database system introduced by Pedigree, although versions having a greater data capacity have been introduced. Whilst Pedigree can only handle twenty different databases in a single folder (using only DOS short filenames), PediTree has no limit on this number and can use long filenames.

Further development of PediTree has implemented almost all the facilities of Pedigree and introduced a number of further features, including support for GEDCOM version 5.5, Relationship Islands and web page production.

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